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Hey, how’s it going?
You said if I ever got any hunting pictures of Abby to send you some. So I’m sending you a couple of pictures from a hunt that my husband took in December to New Jersey Duck & Goose hunting. From what I understand she did awesome! Retrieving all birds that they got. He said the hardest thing is to keep her still till she needs to retrieve.
The second day they were there, there was a reporter from the Washington Post there doing a story on places to go around the DC, Baltimore area for recreation & I guess that he was most impressed with the dog & took alot of pictures of her. Dennis gave him our email & asked him to send us some pictures but we haven’t heard from him yet. I guess they don’t usually get people bringing dogs to there place. The place they went was called Schrader’s. We use her here at our Preserve as a guide dog for Ringnecks & chukars too. She is getting quite the reputation. Most people comment on her drive & how excited she gets, when most Labs around here are slow.

Talk to you again soon,
Sue Day

Last June, I purchased a chocolate female pup from Matt out of an April litter from Sir Buddy and Jazz's Swift Sierra. I have a tendency to focus a lot on genetics and pedigree's and is how I first found the litter. I was intrigued by the line-bred Hershey genetics that also included Cajun and Jazz's Drifter. These are the best chocolate pointing lab lines you will find in the country. Hershey is line-bred throughout the pedigree, but not in-bred close enough to cause any problems, which there is a big difference and very important.

I chose to train the pup myself, and I have not regretted it thus far, as she has made the training extremely easy and has made an amateur trainer look better than I am. She has very strong natural abilities in both retrieving and pointing. She has pointed from her very first scent of birds. One of the things I like most is her extremely natural obedient nature. She is always wanting to please and has very rarely disobeyed in the field. I have not been use to pups behaving like this. She was 6 months old when pheasant season opened and I chose to hunt her. She was whoa broke at this time and beginning force fetching. She was very impressive at a young age, hunting for the hunter and not herself and was able to hunt as hard and long as the German Shorthairs I hunt with each weekend. She impressed me more and more each weekend as her bird experience increased, and I have never had a pup hunt this well in their first season. I can only look forward to her future hunting seasons.

She is currently 10 monts old and I am still training her myself. She is now in advanced retriever training, again learning too easily to be true. This is the first dog I have tried training advanced blinds and hand signals to in both land and water and she seems to perform the skills as if some professional is working with her when I'm not around. I plan to run her in APLA events this coming spring. I'm very confident she well pass her certification test with ease and is to the point where she can pass the advanced level. I need more personal experience to say how far from the Master level she could be but that is something I hope to learn at this spring's events.

To add she loves the water. Also, everyone that has seen her comments on how good her physical looks are for a female lab. My local vet made the comment that it may be one of the best looking labs he has seen in his personal opinion.

I hope this long email does not bore you too much, but as it is probably obvious, I am very happy with my pup purchased from Oak Creek Labradors. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I never mind discussing hunting and dogs.

Nick Emanuel
Des Moines, Iowa

< Kobe walks at heel, remote sits and faces me, takes a straight line to a pile, unbelievable long marking ability with water retrieves at least 150 yards, sleeps with me every night. He is an absolute pleasure to own. I took him upland bird hunting several times this year. Allowing him to find two or three birds a session. The final two birds he pointed with his head held high and his tail straight up.

Louis DiGiambattista

Hey Matt,
Just a note to let you know Kobe will have his first try at a senior pass this Sunday. He is doing all of the right things. He is absolutely one of the best companion dogs I have ever owned. Just a lover boy. Always ready to train, bounces right back from pressure, and seriously tries to please every time out of the box. If he fails it is because I have not prepared him thoroughly. We have been working on double retrieves with water re-entries. Wish me luck and I will let you know how we make out, or you can check it out on entry express. The event is the American Chesapeake club hunt test held in Elkton Maryland on 09-03-2006. If handles this test well we will continue to the next test. If he stumbles I will continue training. He's actually pretty advanced for his age. As you know he is only 15 months old, just a baby. Talk to latter. I will get some better photos of his point for your web site latter this year.

Louis DiGiambattista

Hey Matt,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say hello and give you an update on Kobe's progress. After the a no pass at his first attempt at a senior hunter, I decided to train some more. The previous training was field trail set ups. We adjusted to hunt test set ups to help with the next attempt, which will probably be next spring. Duck hunting started two weeks ago and we had a decent flight come down. On last Saturday two of my friends, myself, and Kobe knocked down 20 birds. Kobe made 16 blind retrieves. Two birds were picked up by the boat due to high winds. Two dove under grass mats not to be found. All in all it was a wonderful day. Kobe's line manners are impeccable. When in the blind or the boat he does not move until asked to do so. Upland hunting will start in November and I will try to get you a good photo of his point for your web site. Kobe looks exactly like his father, 75lbs of mussel. thick otter tail, and a beautiful head. Kobe hunts all day and sleeps with me at night. Truly a wonderful hunting companion.

Louis DiGiambattista

Hi Matt,
Breanna is now 5 months old and we have been working every day. She has the basic obedience commands down pretty well. We have been working with both live and dead pigeons. She has an excellent nose and finds them in a heartbeat. Without any training, she quarters well when hunting. The other day, she did a classic point (front leg held up and tail and snout straight out)

John Gurecki

He took his pup Gunny (almost a year old now) to a gamefarm this past weekend and set out around 40 or 50 pheasants. Along with his buddies English Setter. I don't know how the setter did....I guess okay, but Kenny said his chocolate lab pup Gunny...was a pointin' machine. Pointed every bird and held point. The game farm guide said he got so busy watching the chocolate lab point that he forgot to watch his own dog.

Gunny is owned by Kenny Skiles

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